Canaline 82T Marine Engine

The Canaline 82T Marine Diesel engine is a four cylinder, 82 bhp marine diesel engine, currently comes as standard with a PRM 280 hydraulic marine gearbox, twin 95 & 175 Amp alternators and a deluxe engine control panel.

This engine is smooth, quiet and smoke free, meeting the latest RCD2 emissions legislation here in the UK. The core engine is based on an Mitsubishi diesel engine.

This engine is ideal for the wide beam market, cruising on river and canals

Other key features, when selecting this 82 bhp marine engine for your new boat include

  • Calorfier Connections fitted below the thermostat to ensure the calorfier warms up first
  • Large Air cleaner to reduce intake noise
  • Engine Sump pump for draining the engine oil fitted to the engine
  • Single side servicing and easy access points for all the daily checks
The Canaline 82T comes as standard with a deluxe engine control panel. This features tachometer, with hour recorder and digital voltage reading, oil pressure, engine temperature standard alternator and auxiliary alternator no charge alarm and buzzer. An oil pressure and engine temperature gauge. The panel also features and on light, along with glow plug indication light.

This 175 Amp Alternator driven via a large crank pulley on a 6 grove flat belt, will ensure you get the maximum charge to your domestic batteries. We also fit easy to tension bolt system when replacing the belt, neat idea on this Canaline engine.

Optional Accessories

We have many optional accessories including

  • Adaptor & Driveplate to suit your existing gearbox
  • We can fit your current domestic alternator, as you may want to keep it if its fitted to a special battery management system
  • Special Engine feet designed to suit your engine beds
  • PRM 280 heavy duty marine gearbox, with hydraulic power take off for bow thruster
  • 3.5 / 5.0 kVa Whisper Power AC Belt Power Alternator Kits
  • 24V alternators
  • Hydraulic Power Take off to drive bowthrusters, etc
  • Propellor, shaft and water lubricated stern tube assy

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