Canaline Owners area

We are pleased to have a dedicated area within our Canaline website, just for owners of Canaline Engines. We will keep adding to this section, as the product develops, and you, our customers require more information from us.

Please make sure you register your engine for warranty, this is really important, as it extends your warranty from the engine despatch date, to when you declared the engine first went in to service, as per the warranty terms and conditions.

Click here to register your engine for warranty

You must have your engine serviced at 50 hours, even if you don’t get to 50 hours, within a year, you must get it serviced within 1 year. After this please follow the service periods as per your owners manual.

Below we have listed the information you will need to keep your Canaline engine in tip top condition

We have also listed below, some of the main questions we get asked about your canaline engine

What grade engine oil do I use for my Canaline Engine?

  • For Canaline engines 15W40 API CC or CD, except CL 70T API CH-4

What is the engine oil capacity?

  • This is within engine owners manual and various depending on your engine

What gearbox oil do I use?

  • PRM 125 is ATF fluid, and the PRM 150/280 is engine oil

What is the gearbox oil capacity?

  • This is within the owners manual of the gearbox, but the PRM 125 is 0.9L and the PRM 150 is 1.4L

What coolant do I need?

  • Standard blue or Longlife can be used, but system must be flushed if switching between the two types.

What mark on dipstick is full on the Canaline Engines?

  • The top mark is correct, ignore the middle marking

Can i service my own engine without it effecting warranty?

  • If you are competent person, and use genuine parts then you can do you own servicing, we do suggest that the main service once a year to use one our dealers/mobile engineers

How long is the warranty on the Canaline Engine?

  • Generally this 3 years on base engine, 1 year on electrical items, but please refer to the Owners manual for exact details as it does change depending on the usage of the boat

How can I get a replacement ignition key?

  • All Canaline engines all use a standard key EP910061 which is available to purchase via the website.

General Technical Information

We have included in here some of our technical documents, which may help you with your Canaline Engine


If you think you have a genuine warranty claim, the best way to get in touch is through e-mail. Please e-mail with the following information

  • EP serial Number
  • Your name and contact details
  • Location of the boat
  • Video / pictures of the issue