Engines for your new build

The Canaline Marine Engine will offer you many advantages over the competition as we now consider this engine as one of the key engines within this market, buy a Canaline engine, and you will have the following advantages

  • Largest flywheel on any small engine in the market for smooth running
  • Water cooled manifold, to ensure you have quick domestic hot water warm up
  • All engines are UKCA / EU RCD 2 compliant and with the in direct combustion system, its ideal for smoke free locks
  • The Canaline product has been chosen by leading hire fleets including Black Prince Holidays, Anglowelsh and ABC LG
  • UK Built marinisation
  • Engines Plus is the UK Distributor for Kioti – Ensuring excellent support
  • 3 year self service warranty

Listed below is the complete Canaline Marine Engine range, please click on the engine required

Engine TypePower OutputNarrow Boat (ft)Wide Beam (ft)
Canaline 38 Marine Engine38 bhp @ 2600 r/min45' - 60'N/A
Canaline 42 Marine Engine42 bhp @ 2600 r/min50' - 65'N/A
Canaline 52 Marine Engine52 bhp @ 3000 r/min60' - 70'45' - 60'
Canaline 60 Marine Engine57 bhp @ 3000 r/minN/A50' - 60'
Canaline 70T Marine Engine65 bhp @ 3000 r/minN/A55' - 65'
Canaline 82T Marine Engine82 bhp @ 2500 r/minN/A60' +

Note: These are only givin as guidance, please consult your boat builder to ensure you get the correct size engine for your boat

For smaller and larger engines outside the Canaline Power range, please contact Engines Plus, as we can offer you engines from our Sole Diesel engine range. This product will allow for full international dealer support, and engines are fitted with many of the key features used in the Canaline Engine Range

Link to the website – Sole Diesel UK Website